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It's A House Thing

by Posthuman

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Try Again 07:34
B-Loop 05:51


'House Thing' video:

'Try Again' video:


John Heckle
“nice sounds here, serious groove on the archer mix” 4/5

Tom Demac (Hypercolour / Glass Table)
“YES!!! this is PROPER” 4/5

Marcus Holder (KissFM Australia)
“what a groover!” 4/5

Sheik 'N' Beik (New York)
“Liking this release... different to what is out there. Thanks” 5/5

Jerome Hill
“Thanks ! The Archer Remix and Try again for me :-) Maximum squeltch !” 4/5

Michael Leuffen (Mixmag Germany)
“nice ep! Great vibes...”

Benjamin Damage (50 Weapons)
“Mark Archer remix really good” 5/5

Truss/ MPIA3 (R&S)
“Mark Archer remix and 'Try Again' hitting the spot for me, thanks” 4/5

Truncate (Los Angeles)
“Solid cuts! Thanks!”

Severino Panzetta (Horse Meat Disco / Dalston Superstore)
“Not massive fan of acid revival but this is GOOD” 5/5

DJ Caspa (
“really nice tracks up here for me :)) b loop is a killer” 4/5

Altered Natives
5 out of 5

Justin Robertson
“perfecto whole release” 4/5

Billy Nasty (Tortured / Electrix)
“wicked :D” 5/5

XXXY (Manchester UK)
“top stuff” 4/5

A Taut Line (Greeen Linez / Diskotopia Tokyo)
“Wicked love all these tunes!” 5/5

Chew the Fat! (DJ Mag)
“Likey everything here.” 4/5

Jon Dasilva (Hallo Halo)
“Loved the last release...all over this as well...all 4 trax” 5/5

Digitaria (Kompakt / Hot Creations)
“great ep ! thanks” 4/5

Kid Enigma (Chicago)
“The entire EP is a banger. Thank you!” 4/5

Christopher Çolak (Dinamo 103.8 FM / Acik Radyo 94.9 FM Istanbul)
“Excellent release. Full support.”

Bodyjack (aka He/At / Chris Finke)
“Splendid release, these will be rinsed” 5/5

Ford Foster (SECT)
“Excellent, every one's a winner! My kind of stuff. 'Try Again' has that Stakker Humanoid gnarl to it. Will play all 4.” 4/5

“great” 5/5

Pablo Bolivar (Avantroots / Seven Villas)
“"Try again" is pure fire, will try this one, thanks!” 4/5

Lo Shea (Hope Works / Seaghdha / Phonica)
“Cracking release.Really digging this whole EP!” 5/5

DJ Marcia Carr (The Ladyz™ / TMP / Mi-Soul)
“The funkier of the tracks is 'B Loop' which works beautifully, along with the 'It's A House Thing (Mark Archer)' remix - lots of soulfulness and energy for the house floors!” 4/5

Thomas Tuft (Juicefm / Cream / Coolcuts)
“wicked release” 4/5

Carlos Contreras (Tilos Radio Budapest)
“i love this b loop thing” 5/5

Link Bologna (Radio Fujiko)
“Bomb!!” 5/5

“with a touch of Acid ;-)” 4/5

Bogdan Taran (Danceradio Latvia)
“B Loop is making me dancing here, lovely track!” 5/5

Frank Eckert (YOU FM / Groove / Raveline)
“sex with the machines is good sex. that's the wisdom of this house thing, innit?” 4/5

Matt Walsh (Turbo Recordings/ Bugged Out)
“love it!” 5/5

Tom Findlay (Groove Armada / Lovebox)
“knew this was gonna be good from the title, and it's wicked, love it” 5/5

“real nice EP” 4/5

Liar (Romania)
“yasss” 4/5

Philippe Autuori (Berlin)
“Great release! Very elegant acid house. Super fat grooves and sexy chopped vocals. Will play” 5/5

Rick Maia (FACT Worldwide / Barcelona)
“Nice release, thanks!” 4/5

Laurent N
“MASSIVE It’s A House Thing original track & remix : I love them !!! Will play & ALL MY SUPPORT !!!” 4/5

“Great acid vibe” 5/5

Dan Digs (Los Angeles)
“The Mark Archer remix is the one - squiggly 303s on 303s!” 4/5

Just Jace (
“Pretty great acid joints. Straightforward and bumpin. Just enough variation to keep these interesting all the way through.” 4/5

Tobias Koch (Radio FRITZ / Berlin)
“nice one!” 5/5

OCH (Sweden)
“awesome release - loving the remix and B Loop !!”

Ruslancher (Garage FM, Moscow)
“Serious acid!” 5/5

Jasper James
“Nice one. thanks will test out this weekend.” 4/5

Eddoh (Frankfurt am Main)
“Nice acid grooves!” 5/5

Warlock / Noyeahno
“Bloop is rocking my world and the Archer remix, ta nyn” 4/5

Robzay (Dawpers / Paris)
“Fantastic release” 5/5

Marlon Hoffstadt (Berlin)
“nice acid vibez” 4/5

Ben Backhouse (BBC 6 music)
“IN this week” 4/5

Affie Yusuf
“nicely crunchy drums with acid&house. love the original mix as well as Archers.” 4/5

Ian O'Donovan (Bedrock / Bio Music / Komplex De Deep)
“Both mixes of house thing are good for me. Thx” 4/5

Foster (Sub FM)
“Another banging release! will support for sure!” 5/5

Anette Party (Rote Sonne / Pastamusik)
“great all tracks and will play all of them.” 5/5

Mathieu Schreyer (KCRW Los Angeles)
“sick !” 4/5

Tim Lorenz (HGroove Magazine Germany)

J.Alvarez (Seattle)
“Killer acid workouts.” 4/5

Tim Paris
“great release !” 4/5

Guy Garrett (DMC)
“Such a pleasure to hear original analogue gear in action, sounds beautiful.” 4/5

DJ TLR (Creme Organization/Global Darkness)
“Sure y'all are figuring out by now the Balkans is where it's at”

Erwin Kelemen (Freies Radio Freudenstadt)
“good babes,playing the crazy acid track” 4/5

Paul C (Back2Back 88.6FM London)
“Mark Archer from Altern 8 great mix.”

Lee Pattison (till Late Magazine Bristol)
“Liking the ACID.” 4/5

Bevin Campbell (PBSFM / Blend Corp / Uncomfortable Beats)
“!! accciiiiiddddd”

Corporal F
“Really feeling this one!” 4/5

Iron Blu (Intergalactic FM)
“Bloody great release love every one here. Full support from Iron Blu” 4/5

Soulphiction / Jackmate (Philpot/ Perlon)
“try again is heat!”

DJ T (Berlin / Physical Music)
“thank you for the music!” 4/5

Kirsti (Rinse FM / Null + Void)
“Solid EP support!” 5/5

A-LLAIN (Bugged Out! / Trailer Trash / Spacestation)
“BIG TINGS x” 5/5

Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco Radio Show)
“Love Mark Archer remix. Other tracks are nice too.” 4/5

Ally Byers (Fluid FM)
“Nice off kilter beat” 5/5

Nicolas Liousias (Forward Thinking Radio)
“Liking the acid vibes. Reminds me a bit of Paranoid London. Nice one!”

Till von Sein (Berlin)
“b loop and its a house thing for me” 5/5

Bart van Rijn
“House thing is it for me! Many thanx for sending Grtzzz, Bart van Rijn” 4/5

NIBC (Stuffa / Trunkfunk Records)
“some great tracks on this release. can't wait to try these out” 4/5

Matteo Luis (Berlin)
“Thank you! I'll try out some of these. It's A House Thing seems to be my fav.” 4/5


released October 12, 2015


all rights reserved



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